Sales Copy Shortcut is now available! Your plug-and-play copy system for the easiest sales page ever. 

Sales Copy Shortcut

Sales Copy Shortcut

The plug-and-play copy building tool for writing your easiest sales page ever. Only $37!

Have you ever sat down to write copy for your business but were met with a blank Google doc staring back at you?

Have you ever struggled to get started writing a sales page for your new offer? Gah, that blinking cursor…

Have you ever stressed about what to say, wondering if your words are even going to make a difference and connect with the people you so passionately want to serve?

Why can’t you just figure it out on your own? It shouldn’t be THIS HARD.

You need this next launch to be a success (even though you can’t hire the copy out at this point), but the process is overwhelming. Complicated. And you’re getting a headache just thinking about it.

You’re tired of the guesswork. You need a tried-and-true method for writing sales pages that are not only effective and connect with your people, but get them to take action and buy what you are offering.

You want your audience to realize that you truly understand, that you truly care. It’s not just another launch to you — what you have will really help them.

Introducing Sales Copy Shortcut:

This plug-and-play system is designed to help you to:

FINALLY UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENT PIECES TO A SALES PAGE and why we need them to create persuasive on-brand messaging for your next offer.

BE EQUIPPED TO FOLLOW A PROVEN STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS that takes all the guessing out of writing sales copy. This is the same process I use to write my clients’ sales copy.


* Sales Copy Shortcut: the plug-and-play copy builder tool {a massive Google doc + walkthrough videos on how to use the system}

* Before You Begin: pre-work questions to ask yourself about your audience, your offer, and your brand 

* Sales Copy Examples and Templates: real world examples you can use as you write your own sales copy

* BONUS MASTERCLASS: How to Write Copy that Connects & Converts

Are you ready to finally write your easiest sales page yet?

5 Modules

Welcome to Sales Copy Shortcut.

, welcome to Sales Copy Shortcut!

Before You Begin: Questions to ask yourself about your offer, audience, and brand

Questions to ask yourself about your offer, your audience, and your brand before you get started with the writing process.

Sales Copy Shortcut: The Plug-and-Play System

Understanding the fundamental building blocks of sales pages.

Sales Copy Examples and Scripts

Sales copy examples and scripts for long form sales pages, shorter sales pages, and opt in landing pages. 

BONUS: How to Write Sales Copy that Connects and Converts Masterclass

Modules for this product 5

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